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Ewan McGregor and Richard Griffiths have joined the voice cast of World War II spoof Jackboots on Whitehall. Similar to Team America, the film will be shot with live action figures.

The film explores what would have happened if the Germans had won the Battle of Britain, but were ultimately defeated by the rebelling Scots.  

McGregor will voice the lead, a Scottish farmhand who leads the resistance and romances the girl (Rosamund Pike). Griffiths, who received a BAFTA nomination last week, will be the voice of Luftwaffe leader Hermann Goering 

“It’s Team America in style and tone but without the strings,” producer Frank Mannion told Variety. “We are using specially made ‘Action Man’ type action figures, and purpose built models of Hadrian’s Wall, Downing Street, etc. It’s live action as opposed to animation or stop motion.” 

The script was written by Edward McHenry, a recent graduate of fine art in Oxford University. The script won the inaugural Swipe Films Screenplay Scolarship, set up by producer Mannion to encourage students to write scripts during their summer holidays. Mannion was so impressed with the script that he offered the services of his production company to get it under way. McHenry will also direct the action-spoof. 

With the addition of McGregor and Griffiths, the film now boasts an impressive voice cast, including Richard E. Grant, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall as Churchill and Alan Cumming as Hitler. And everyone knows that once you look past the whole evil, bigoted dictator thing, Hitler was a comic genius. His Chaplin-esque appearance and side-splittingly silly accent just couldn’t have been scripted. Funny guy, that Adolf.

All in all, the oddly titled “Jackboots on Whitehall” seems to be shaping up nicely, and if the script is good enough to attract such a class list of British actors, then it should be worth the price of a cinema ticket. Voice recording started on Dec. 7 and principal photography is scheduled to begin in March. 

Pictures: Top Right: Ewan McGregor, Bottom Left: Richard Griffiths


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